Team work makes the dream work

Hey there,
We are Jenny and Nate, the team behind the Sage Leaf Studio, and we're so excited you're here! I'm Jenny, the artist and content creator, and Nate is our muscle, technical advisor, and all other things support. We live, work, and play out of Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about each of us, see below.


I’m Jenny. I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado. My childhood was filled with fun in nature, hours and hours of self-taught arts and crafts, countless pets, and time at the barn or on the trail with horses. I have a bachelor’s in biology, a masters in stream ecology, and no formal training in art beyond grade school. I work full time in water resources management, and bringing together my love for science and art is one of the most fulfilling milestones in my life.

I use art as a tool to express my passion for nature, conservation, and all the beautiful places of our planet. I’ve been lucky to live and travel all over the world and deeply understand that our most biodiverse places are also the most endangered. Sage Leaf Studio is a way for me to increase the positive impact I can make in this world and empower others to do the same.

In my free time I love to read, forage for mushrooms, snuggle cats, and ride my bike. People might say I have a sweet tooth, but I'll tell you all of my teeth are sweet teeth. If you have chocolate near me, you better watch out!

Learn More About Our Sustainability Goals Here


Nate grew up near Williamsburg, Virginia, playing in the woods and on bikes, and helping his dad build houses. This adventurous and hard-working upbringing brought him to Colorado as a professional engineer, where he met me. He works as a civil engineer, supporting many municipalities and projects across Colorado.

Nate encouraged and believed in Sage Leaf Studio before I did, and his love for the outdoors, adventure, sustainability, commitment to people, and hard work shine in everything we do. His unique skillsets are critical for business planning, systems development, and communication. I wouldn’t be able to do this without his full support in the form of personal and professional encouragement, freedom of a lot of time to focus on the art and business, and reminders to come eat the healthy dinner he’s prepared when I’m deep in work-mode.

In his free time, Nate works on rebuilding our house, plans epic camping trips, researches the latest tech, and rides his bike way faster than me.

Furry Family

This is Quena ("ca-na"), she's the dog. In her free time, she likes to chase squirrels, scrounge for food scraps, and take endless naps. She will soon be getting a kitten.