From Energy Crisis to Creative:  Celebrating 60 Days of Painting!

From Energy Crisis to Creative: Celebrating 60 Days of Painting!

In early summer of this year, my life changed in three major ways:

  1. I got married.
  2. My partner and I finished phase 1 of a complete house gut and renovation ourselves. We had just enough done to move in before the wedding (i.e. a room to sleep in, a functional shower, and working laundry machines… funny how all we really need is a place to sleep and stay somewhat clean.)
  3. I realized that I had lost part of myself.

I am not saying that I lost myself because of marriage and the house. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for my partner and the fortune we have. I recognize that there are a lot of people seeking their person and who wish they had the resources and skills to do what we’re doing. Many of you have shared similar desires with me. I recognize and am grateful for my fortune. 

And it’s also ok that after working 120+ hour weeks for six months straight between a full-time job, house renovations, and wedding planning, I can admit to being fried. Burnt out. Exhausted. And even though I’ve had other very hard-working chapters in my life, I’d never felt so depleted. I'm sure you've had similar chapters. 

Then, coincidentally (in my opinion magically), one of my mentors shared an idea:  how to manage my energy instead of my time. 

She had me take this quick survey to measure where my energy was at. I recommend you take it! It showed that I was in an energy crisis. Then she had me identify the things that drain me and the activities I get energy from doing. At the top of my energizer list:


  1. Sleep (this is all I could think about during these days)
  2. TV time on the couch cuddled up with Nate
  3. Time with close friends and family
  4. Exercise
  5. Art


ART! I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush or a pencil to create in over 6 months, and before that it was only to make some holiday cards. I dabbled in arts and crafts here and there as a hobby, I was a potter's assistant 1-2 days a week in grad school and loved it (check out Carl's work here - it's beautiful), but I hadn’t created consistently in 10 years! I was surprised that this was so high on my list not because I liked it, but because of the realization that art and the act of creating is so tightly woven into the fiber of who I am, and I had lost that part of me. I had let it go forgotten for so long. I let college, career growth, and adulting get in the way. Can you relate? 

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I used to spend hours upon hours upon days drawing, and painting, and creating before college. I took every single art class in grade school. I took AP art classes and entered art competitions and got college scholarships through art. “Wild Earth” took me nearly 100 hours in 2009. “Tree of Life” took me just as long in 2013. My cousins still remind me to this day that when we were little, I’d rather hide in a corner and practice drawing horses than interact with anyone at family reunions. (Classic introvert.) Now I’m not saying that one should draw instead of spend time with family, but I am saying that I had committed my 10,000 hours to mastering my craft, it brought me joy, was the quickest way for me to find flow, and I no longer made it a priority.

So I did something about it. I started to draw and paint again. I made a commitment to myself to redevelop my art habit.  I chose to paint at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This meant finding ways to hold myself accountable. I shared my intention with Nate and close friends. I started to share on social media both to hold myself accountable and to share my passion with the world. (Check out my work on Instagram @sage_leaf_studio). All of a sudden, I can’t get enough of painting.

Today marks 60 days. I have been painting consistently for 60 days. Sixty days! I feel so much more energized, invigorated, and creative in all aspects of my life. I want that for others. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason because you make it have a reason. I believe that my rediscovery of art has a purpose - that I can help others to rediscover their creativity and rebalance their energy. Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Does this quote stir something in you? Does it resonate with you? Your art might not be painting or drawing. It might be music or writing or woodworking or acting. It amazes me how many of my friends and acquaintances have, after building stable careers, turned again to the creative outlet that they ignored for so long and have now found a new level of happiness, fulfillment, and energy through it. 

If this is you and you want to try to develop an art habit again, I have something for you. A FREE 30 Day Creativity Challenge cheat sheet! It just takes 15 minutes a day to build your creative habit. If you want to go for 60 days, do the 30 Day Challenge twice. Download your 30 Day Creativity Challenge cheat sheet here or below. Lastly, please shoot me an email or DM on Instagram (@sage_leaf_studio) and let me know how it goes and if there’s anything you’d change or suggest for others. I’m looking forward to following your journey!

Next week we'll be diving into the benefits of creativity.

Have a sage day and THIS is the something you can do for you today!

P.S. If you’re interested in finding out more about managing your energy, finding your “why,” and growing career goals and habits, contact Stephanie Scott at Scott Solutions. She's amazing! As always Stephanie, thank you for everything you do. 

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