Introducing the Sage Leaf Studio

Introducing the Sage Leaf Studio

Hello and welcome to The Sage Creative! We are so glad you are here.

Today, we're introducing our storefront, the Sage Leaf Studio. 

The Sage Leaf Studio is a place where people who love our planet, love art, who care about sustainability, community, and self-improvement belong. We began in late 2023 with the mission to make a positive impact on nature conservation around the world through inspirational art that uses eco-friendly materials, raises awareness of sustainable art practices, and supports non-profit conservation organizations.

In addition to benefitting the natural world, our work supports Earth lovers decorating their interior spaces. We create one-of-a-kind pieces of animals, plants, and landscapes using vibrant colors and bold lines to capture the serenity, excitement, awe, wonder, curiosity, and peace that nature inspires. We carry this love of nature from subject matter all the way through shipping to your door. From creation to printing to shipping, we focus on sustainable materials and practices to ensure that our art products are safe for the planet and safe for your home. For instance, while many other artists still use unregulated forests to produce their papers, bleach to whiten their canvases, and chemicals in their inks that then end up on your wall, you will only only receive art from us that is made with eco-friendly materials where we can help it, and delivered with plastic-free shipping.

We understand that a commitment to sustainability can be a little more time and cost intensive, and quality assurance can be troublesome. As lovers of learning, we embrace the extra time required to strive for true business sustainability. We also regularly audit the art market to ensure competitive pricing for you to decorate your home and office without breaking the bank. Finally, if you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of product(s) you receive, we guarantee we will make it right. 

As mentioned previously, welcome to our community! We hope that you find more valuable information in the blog posts to come. If you want to be kept in the loop about new posts, studio news, and creative inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below. For new art and art in progress, check out our Instagram (@sage_leaf_studio)! Also, as is true for everything in life, we are always looking to learn and improve. We welcome your feedback. Don't hesitate to send us a direct message on Instagram (@sage_leaf_studio) or email at

Thank you and have a sage day!

The Sage Leaf Studio

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