New Year's Intentions - Commit to Yourself

New Year's Intentions - Commit to Yourself

Reflection and intention go hand-in-hand. We can't create strong intentions for the future without first reflecting on the past. Carve out a little quiet time for yourself to sit and think back on this year and all that is to come.

As we near the end of the year, there's a palpable sense of excitement in the air. It's that time when we, our community, collectively pause, take a breath, and look back at the journey we've traversed in the past 365 days. Reflecting on the past year isn't just a nostalgic exercise; it's a powerful tool that helps us move forward.

Reflection is like taking a good look in the mirror, not just to see our reflection but to understand how we've grown, where we stumbled, and where we soared. It's not about dwelling on mistakes but acknowledging the lessons we've learned. Each moment of the past year holds stories, lessons, and earned wisdom that shape our lives. It's a chance to grasp the essence of our experiences and appreciate the moments that shaped us.

As we reflect, we gain insights into what worked and what didn't, the habits we want to carry forward, and those we want to leave behind. As you reflect on your own experiences, write them down. This reflection helps guide our intentions for the coming year.

Setting intentions is like charting a course for the year ahead. They're promises, commitments we make to honor ourselves, our dreams, and nurture our personal growth. I don't want to call them goals, because they're not strict. Life happens and sometimes goals are derailed, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it. Intentions are more flexible. They're like planting seeds of aspirations that blossom into mindful actions. You'd be amazed how quickly after planting intentions, if you give them enough attention, they blossom into achievements worth celebrating. As stated in The Alchemist: "When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it."

As 2024 draws near, I encourage you to think about your intentions in the new year. What would you love to accomplish? Who would you love to grow closer to? What or who should you give up that's no longer serving you? If you looked back at 2024 a year from now, what would you regret not having done?

Now, let's set your intentions. Make sure they align with your core values. If you don't know about core values, check them out here. Write your intentions down. I'll say it again. Write your intentions down! Research has shown that people that write their dreams down are 42% more likely to realize them, so do it for you. Write your intentions down for the following categories:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Family & Friends
  • Romance & Relationships
  • Fun, Recreation, & Hobbies
  • Spiritual
  • Career & Business
  • Finance & Net Worth
  • Personal Development
  • Any other category that speaks to you.
Once you've written your intentions down, remember that "A dream without a plan is just a wish" (Antione de Saint-Exupery). Don't forget to write your intentions down (is this the fifth time I've said this?), break them into bite-sized achievable milestones, and track your progress! My favorite way to do this is with the Legend Planner. Seriously love this thing. It took me from burnt out and zero energy back in June to full-focus and full of energy by this fall. Achieve your 2024 intentions with a focused way to write them down, track them, and know when you've completed milestones.
Last, don't forget to celebrate! Celebrate the small wins and the big wins! Celebrating the small wins is important for getting an endorphin hit, building confidence, and ultimately maintaining momentum. Have fun with your 2024 intentions and celebrate! Heck, celebrate just for writing them down! (7th time?)
Truly, I wish you a wonderful 2023 reflection and 2024 intention planning session. If you do one thing for you today, this week, or this month, make sure it is this. You've come a long way in 365 days, you deserve it.
And have a sage day :)
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