Peek Beyond the Pika

Peek Beyond the Pika

Hey Friend,

Today let's talk about a very special piece of art:  "Peek Beyond the Pika." You've heard a lot about the progress of this piece the last two months, but not so much the purpose.
I had this piece on my mind for a while. I wanted to tell the story of pika, this adorable and iconic Rocky Mountain animal, and it's role in telling the climate change story. A good story has many layers, like an ecosystem. The greater the biodiversity, the healthier a landscape. Pika, while the lead role in this story, help to tell many other stories. 

Pika (Ochotona daurica) are what wildlife biologists call “an indicator species.” They survive on plants specialized for high alpine tundra habitats (like the flowers this little guy carries). These plants are sensitive to climate change. So, as climate change warms our mountains and shrinks the range of these plants, scientists are made aware by changes in pika populations and ranges. Pika “indicate” the change, and those changes will be felt by others… 

If we peek beyond the pika, we see that these ecosystems aren’t just home to these cute little quasi-bunny-hamster rodents. The mountains are home to elk, eagle, bear, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, hummingbird, and so many other species that rely on Rocky Mountain seasons for survival. 

As do we. For those of us called to the mountains, the seasons bring with them tremendous joy through excursions, foraging, sports, art, wildlife viewing, and the necessary cycling intervals of hibernating and growth we are evolved to. This painting is a reminder of the wondrous beauty of our Rocky Mountains and their exquisite and complex biodiversity. It’s a reminder of sunny days with friends and family hiking through the alpine, eating a reward sandwich at the top while these little guys call to each other from distant boulders. Once you hear a pika’s distinct call, you can’t unhear it. It’s adorable. 

This painting is a reminder to get outside, go see a pika, go hear one, and hopefully you’ll spot other amazing wildlife along the way. “Peek Beyond the Pika” is meant to inspire in you awe and appreciation for the big and small natural wonders found in our mountains, and to remember that we’re all linked. 
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