The Old Guard: A Tribute to Our Equine Companions

I am thrilled to share my latest painting, "The Old Guard," commissioned by a private art collector as a heartfelt gift for their dedicated barn manager. This piece captures six majestic horses moving through a sunlit, autumn field—a beautiful tribute to the bond we share with these magnificent creatures. Four of the horses memorialized in this painting have passed away, while two are in their twilight years.

As someone who grew up riding horses, I understand this connection deeply. My first lesson was at the young age of four, and since then, I couldn't stay away from the barn. The saying, "The history of humankind is carried on the back of a horse," resonates profoundly with me. Horses have not only shaped human history but also transformed my own life and perhaps yours, too.

Horses offer us immeasurable value, teaching patience, communication, and the importance of holding kind yet firm boundaries. They instill fearlessness and a tireless work ethic, as we spend long days cleaning stalls and moving bales of hay. These lessons are invaluable and echo through our lives, just as they do through history.

"The Old Guard" is more than just a painting; it's a celebration of these lessons and the bond between humans and horses. It commemorates the dedication of those who care for these animals and the profound impact the horses have on our lives. A custom artwork like this makes for a deeply personal and meaningful gift, perfect for honoring the cherished memories and ongoing connections with our equine friends.

In creating this piece, I aimed to capture not only the physical beauty of the horses but also the enduring spirit and legacy they leave behind. It's a reminder that while our time with them may be finite, the lessons they teach and the love they give are eternal.

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