What's in a name? Why we settled on Sage

What's in a name? Why we settled on Sage

Shakespeare made this question famous: "What's in a name?" It suggests that a name alone cannot capture the essence of a person or a thing. However, names hold unique power in shaping our perceptions, evoking emotions, and conveying identity. Our use of "sage" in Sage Leaf Studio and The Sage Creative is no exception.

A lot of artists use their name as their brand and it's a great option. However, I did not want to name the business after me. I wanted a team and community-centric business. The work wouldn't be possible without Nate. We are a team, and may someday grow the business to include others. Our business name should reflect that.

Second, we chose the word "sage" for its three definitions:

Sage:   (noun) 1. Safe healing plant 2. Either of two bushy North American plants with silvery-gray leaves, short for sagebrush.

            (adjective) 3. Having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.

Expanding on the first definition: eco-friendly art is safe and healing. Safe for the planet, safe for your home. If it makes you and me happy, it is healing. The process of creating and sharing makes me happy and I can only hope that experiencing it and using it brings you happiness.

Regarding the second definition: Nate and I have spent a lot of time, both together and apart, in sagebrush country. It is the plant of the high western plains where we work and play. When Nate and I met, I was leading a field team that put GPS trackers on Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus), a federally sensitive species that literally depends on sagebrush for its survival year-round. Since then, most of our free time is spent camping, biking, and basking in the beauties and healing properties of sage country.


Lastly, "sage" conjures images of wisdom, experience, and knowledge. For centuries, the term "sage" has been synonymous with a deep understanding of the world and an ability to share that understanding. In this definition, "sage" captures one of my favorite sayings: "A wise person learns from the experiences of others." (Naturally, I've adapted this from Otto von Bismarck's dated version to be more gender-neutral and positive.)


Wisdom, learning from the experience of others (both positive and negative), has really been the guiding star for my life, how we want to run this business, and how we want to share the experience with others. We want to learn from the successes and failures of others to make our process more streamlined and effective from the get-go, create more time for FUN, and then share what we've learned with others so they can do the same. Why recreate the wheel when you can borrow designs from someone else, and then improve upon it?

Now, I will admit that we did not easily land on this name or pull it from thin air. We went through quite the research project to land on Sage Leaf Studio, a process that was learned from and adapted from other peoples' experiences. We also developed a Business Naming Tool for anyone looking to name a business and avoid costly headaches. Check out this post to learn the steps to take for naming your own business and to get the FREE Business Naming Tool.

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Until next time, have a sage day.

P.S. Don't forget to do something for you today!

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