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Peek Beyond the Pika Fine Art Print

Peek Beyond the Pika Fine Art Print

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Peek beyond the pika, and tell me, how many other Rocky Mountain animals do you see? Do you see an elk? Maybe a big horn sheep? A bear perhaps?

This piece is for mountain lovers, those who love to spot wildlife, find the calm of the mountains, and have interesting conversations. 

Pika (Ochotona daurica) are what wildlife biologists call an "indicator species." They survive on plants specialized for high alpine tundra habitats (like the flowers this little guy carries). These plants are sensitive to climate change. So, as climate change warms our mountains and shrinks the range of these plants, scientists are made aware by changes in pika populations and ranges. Pika "indicate" the change, and those changes will be felt by others... like elk, bighorn sheep, bear, squirrel, eagle, mountain lion, and hummingbird.

For those of us called to the mountains, this painting is a reminder of the wondrous beauty of the Rockies, their exquisite and complex biodiversity, and the inspiration they bring us. It's a reminder to preserve these elements that bring us joy and freedom and solitude, and to highlight that we are a part of a bigger ecosystem. With its soothing colors, this color brings the same joy as being in nature. 

Display your values with a Open Edition of "Peek Beyond the Pika." 

This piece is part of the Our Wild Wonderful World Collection.

  • Giclée prints come on eco-friendly FSC-Certified (Forest Service Counsel) paper.
  • Enhanced matte art paper is premium, museum-quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish.
  • Prints are printed with water-based inks and are acid-free and plastic-free. 
  • Printed 1/4" with pure white border.

*Note that prints may arrive in an envelope or a cardboard tube with recycled plastic ends.

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